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December 4, 2014

December 2014 Christmas Party

Officer Jeffrey G. Williams

L-R Officer Jeffrey G. WIlliams, Commander John E. McNamara

American Legion Post 59 Dunn held their last Monthly dinner meeting of 2014 with a Christmas and presentation party. The flow of members and guests continued to fill the post home until after 7 O'clock. When the dinner bell rang over eighty members, guests and Honored guests were treated to a steak and Baked potato dinner. Prayer before dinner was lead by retired Post 59 Chaplin Henry A. Turlington. Dinner was cooked and served by Bobby Altman, Donald Johnson and Mike Beasley.

Commander John E. McNamara called the meeting to order and asked Post Chaplin Jeff Stewart for opening prayer, followed by, Flag salute, pledge of allegiance, POW and Legion Preamble. Commander asked the large gathering to thank the cooks for a fine meal. The Commander then suspended the general meeting activities until a later date.

The Commander asked all Legionnaires to stand and asked for a round of applause and said, "these Legionnaires and those who could not make it and all the Post members are what makes it possible to continue to serve Veterans and the Community we live in."

Introductions included, Eric Sinclair, past Dept. Commander, Ruby Brewer President Post Auxiliary, all Auxiliary members were asked to stand, Mayor Oscar & Jean Harris. The following special Guests were Dunn tourism director Sharon Stevens and associate Stacy Campbell. Guest of Honor Dunn Officer Jeffrey G. Williams his Wife Kay and children Nicholas and Grace. Dunn Police Chief Jimmy and Renee Pope, Lieutenant Dallas Autry and Fiancée Shannon.

Following introductions was sick call; Two names were turned in to the Chaplin Stewart, Don Davis and Bobby Earp. Don Wilson, Richmond Carpenter and Bill loop were thanked for riding in the Erwin Parade.

Sharon Stevens and Stacy Campbell

L-R Sharon Stevens, Commander John E. McNamara, Stacy Campbell

Commander McNamara presented American Legion Certificates of Appreciation to Sharon Stevens and Stacy Campbell for all the work and assistance with the Post. Dunn Police Officer Jeffrey Williams was named Law Enforcement Officer of the year by Post 59 and presented with a plaque.

Officer Williams went on to win the American Legion State award and will be presented to him in June at the State convention held at the Raleigh Hilton.

On completion of the presentations Past Department Commander Eric Sinclair had fun with the Ladies Drawing for each of the 20 Table top Poinsettias. The Monthly meeting attendance drawing was won by Carl Fitchett, not present he will receive a free dinner at the next meeting.

New members are always welcome call Commander McNamara at 910-897-4373 or Contact Us on our website.


November 11, 2014

Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day at Lillington Memorial Park
Click Picture for larger view

Amy Noel President of the Harnett County Veterans Council is at the podium calling out Veterans of the different service branches to stand during the Veterans day celebration November 11, 2014.

Those Standing rose when President Noel called on Air Force Veterans to rise. Seated behind the podium are the Commanders of all the organizations that make up the Council.

Four Air force Veterans standing are American Legionnaires L-R Mark Wallace, Commander Lillington Post, Bill Manshack, District Commander and John E. McNamara Dunn Post Commander.

Eric Truesdale Air Force is the County VA Administrator and can be seen standing behind McNamara next to the Master Sergeant at arms. The Celebration is held annually at the Harnett County Veterans Park.

In the spring the Memorial ceremonies are also held at the Park.


October 3, 2014

October 2014 Monthly Dinner

October 2014 Monthly Dinner

L-R Mike Beasley, Commander John E. McNamara

American Legion members enjoyed the monthly dinner meeting that started out with a complete dinner cooked and served by, Bobby Altman, Mike Beasley assisted by Ray Stone in the absence of Donald Johnson. Assistant Chaplin Jeff Stewart lead the group in dinner prayer. Following dinner Commander John E. McNamara opened the General meeting by thanking the cooks for a fine dinner. Prayer was offered by Chaplin Henry Turlington and on completion of the pledge and preamble, meeting was called to order.

Adjutant Kenny Jackson conducted roll call of officers and read the minutes of the last meeting. Commander gave a brief explanation on the last executive meeting and explained the boards discussion regarding Post finances and looking for ways to save. Finance officer Eric Sinclair Gave an A to Z break down of our Debits and credits. He emphasized the need to think about ways to cut costs.

Commander McNamara spoke on behalf of the cooks and kitchen help, Bobby Altman, Mike Beasley, Donald Johnson and the work they continue to perform at all meetings. Officers Altman and Johnson received a certificate at the last meeting. Officer Beasley who had to leave early the September meeting was presented his certificate at this meeting.

James Holder reported on the upcoming oratorical contest which gives all High School students an opportunity to compete scholarship funds. James is Chairman and he is assisted by John Core.

Commander McNamara reported that a Dunn Police officer has been chosen as Post 59 Law Enforcement of the year. The Dunn Police officer nominated is Jeffrey G. Williams. He will compete for the American Legion State Law enforcement officer of the year. Winners will be announced at the State convention in June. The nominee was entered by Dunn Police Chief Jimmy Pope and supervisor Lieutenant Dallas Autry.

The attendance drawing was won by Charles Hardy and not in attendance he will receive a free meal at the next meeting.

The meeting concluded with a list of activities and dates given to the Legionnaires with assistance and volunteers needed to help. The November first Cotton Festival is one activity that needs volunteers. New members are always welcome call Commander McNamara at 910-897-4373 or Contact Us on our website. Assistant Chaplin Jeff Stewart said the closing prayer.


June 15, 2014

Tar Heel Girls State

2014 Tar Heel Girls State

L-R Gillian McNamara, Ruby Brewer, Kenzi Macon

Every year American Legion Post 59 and Ladies Auxiliary send a committee member to the local high school to speak to seniors relating to Boys State and Girls State. It is a one week educational program with a variety of procedures and activities on a University campus. It teaches practical citizenship, leadership, character development all of which mirrors state Government.

Chosen from Triton High school to attend Girls State, were Gillian McNamara and Kenzi Macon. Ruby Brewer President of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 59 is shown with the girls during registration at American Legion home in Benson.


June 7, 2014

Post 59 Annual Veterans Free Memorial Breakfast

Annual Post 59 Veterans Free Memorial Breakfast

L-R Donald Johnson, Carroll Byrd, Bobby Altman, Mike Beasley

The annual Post 59 Veterans free Memorial breakfast recently held was a huge success. Sponsored by The General Lee Museum and American Legion Post 59.

The Legionnaire chefs fed well over a hundred Veterans a complete all you can eat breakfast with a Southern flair, grits! The camaraderie and the voices of all the Military branches was flowing throughout the morning.

Guest speaker for the event was past Department Commander and a former Legion Ryder director, Legionnaire Dick Neville.

Commander John E. McNamara on behalf of Post members would like to thank the following for their assistance' Dunn Daily Record, Dunn Big Lots, O'Reilly Auto Parts Dunn.


May 27, 2014

Blue Star Memorial

Blue Star Memorial Spivy's Corner

L-R Mike Beasley, Bill Lopp, Richmond Carpenter, David Knowles, Post Commander John E. McNamara.

The 2014 and second annual Memorial Day celebration was held at Spivey's corner.

Just-A-Mere Garden Club sponsors the Blue Star Memorial under the direction of President Ms. Sybil West.

Attending by invitation for the festivities were American Legion Post 59 members and officers.


May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Commander John E. McNamara

Al Post #59 Commander - John E. McNamara

Local Posts gather for remembrance to those that "gave all" at Harnett Memorial Park in Lillington, NC.

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. ~General George S. Patton

Click on Photo above for 100+ pictures of the event or check them out on Facebook


May 24, 2014

Veterans helping Veterans

Veterans helping Veterans

Marian McNamara & Frank Allen

American Legion Post 59 Ladies Auxiliary member Marian McNamara accepts a donation in exchange for a poppy. Recipient of the poppy is 20 year retired Army Veteran Frank Allen of Godwin.

The poppies first appearance was on Memorial Day 1922. Poppies are made by needy and disabled Veterans.

American Legion Post 59 would like to thank Wal-Mart for allowing the ladies Auxiliary to receive donations on behalf of Veterans and their community.


March 8, 2014

AL Post #59 — Reverse Drawing Fundraiser

AL Post #59 Christmas Party

L2R Seated Don Woods - Mike Johnson - Guest Mitch, Don Woods, Oscar Harris (MC), Ray Stone, Mike Beasley

American Legion Post 59 Dunn recently held their annual steak dinner and reverse drawing. The event is held each year to raise money for the Legion Post 59 Scholarship fund. The fund maintained by the post assists students financially while attending their College of choice. The reverse drawing funds continue to aid three and sometimes four students on an annual basis. The Post steak dinner and prizes are the Legions way of saying thank you for the support given to the many local students year after year. Oscar Harris is seen directing only a small part of the Legionnaires that work to make it all happen.